Pick-Ups from 4/14

Hi everyone!

The snow has melted and the weather is warming up! That means that people have started having garage sales again! Hooray!

Patrick says we’re still in “pre-season” but as long as the adventure continues I’m all for it!

We got to go to one sale last weekend on Friday morning. Here’s what we found:

LEGO! These are usually super fun for us. We hoped to find more video games, but what they had was pretty boring stuff. Patrick did buy one he wanted as well as a poker book he wants to read (after building Lego of course, haha!).

We paid $60 for everything and value it all at $125. Not bad for the first sale of the season!

There are more this coming weekend so good luck to you and wish us luck too!

Total spent: $60
Total value: $125
Total profit after fees: $40

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