Latest Pick-Ups From 7/23 – 7/25

Hello everyone! Duncan here with another exciting adventure to report on!

Patrick and I set sail (not really, we drove) at 6:45 Saturday morning with the hope of finding some good stuff. The first sale had listed Lego so we were excited!

The first place wasn’t open yet, so we headed to some that were nearby. The first thing we found was this:
Paid $2 and valued at $5, so not great, but it’s always fun to buy PS1 stuff!

When we made it back to the first sale, someone had already bought the Lego. Nuts! Oh well, on to the next!

It was a nice sunny day and there were lots of other dogs out and about. It was great!

At our next sale, we found some games!
The puzzle is new so Patrick said we should get it. I’m up for some mental summersaults!

Paid $7 and valued at $25. Sometimes you gotta start out with small purchases before you come across the big ones!

We arrived at the next sale we purchased stuff a only a few minutes early, but we were still first to arrive. Hot dog!

Here’s what we got:
Wow, some good stuff for sure!

Paid $45 and valued at $220! Nice! We were so happy, we went for a walk!


On the way back from our walk, we saw a lady and her little girls getting out of their car. I immediately knew I wanted to say hello to them! The Mom was nice, but the daughter was FANTASTIC! She came over and wanted to pet me SO much! She got her little sister out of the car and then they were BOTH petting me! Wow! I was in Dog heaven! The older sister though I was so nice she crouched down and gave me a big hug. Wow. I’ve heard that I’m an ambassador for love and it must be true!

Around the corner from there was another sale. It has been open for a couple of hours, but according to Patrick, you never know what you’re going to find! It’s true! Here’s what we got:
Neat! Patrick’s trying out some new items again. He said one of the things is a fuzz buster. How funny!

Paid $3(!!!) and valued at $60 (iPod doesn’t hold a charge). Fantastic! We were on a roll!

With only a couple more sales left, we kept our positive attitude and drove on! Well, Patrick drove, I napped.

At a hoarder sale, Patrick did some digging and found this:
Only paid $1 and valued at $40! Nice!

At our last sale of the day we found a whole bunch of video games! But they were expensive so we didn’t buy any. However, Patrick asked if they had anything else and here’s what he brought out:
He wanted $80 for it and wouldn’t budge on the price. Still can make some money on it so we picked it up. Valued at $156.

So that was it for Saturday. We did stop at one more sale, but it turned out they weren’t open until Sunday. How odd!

Total for Saturday: $138
Total value: $505
Total profit: $265

So of course, that last sale of the day said they had video games. Patrick got me up at 8:00 and out we went!

Here’s what we got:
Paid $25 for everything and valued at $185. I guess it was smart to go out again!

Total profit from Sunday: $125

Wow, we didn’t get a ton this weekend, but what we got was great!

Patrick is crazy! He went out AGAIN on Monday (I stayed home) and found this stuff:
Paid $65 and valued at $350. Nice job Patrick! He’s really a good business partner.

Total profit from Monday: $220

So that’s finally it from last week. We did great this week! Here are our totals:

Spent: $228
Value: $1,044
Profit: $605

Fantastic week! I foresee a great vacation in our future!

Until next week my friends! Ruff!

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