Duncan’s Latest Pick-Ups

Hi!  My name is Duncan!  (In case you forgot).  Patrick has been SUPER busy so hasn’t been able to update my blog in a couple of weeks.  Lots to talk about so let’s get to it!

Starting on 5/28 (Patrick’s birthday!  He’s 39!) we got up at our usual time to be at an Estate/Moving sale that said they had video games.  We got there by 7:15 and someone had already bought many of them!  Crazy!  Here’s what we got!


Transformers are SUPER cool!  We paid $5 for everything and value it at $78.  An EXCELLENT start to the day!

The next sale we purchased stuff at wasn’t open yet, but the guy said to come back in 10 minutes.  Meanwhile we picked these up from another local sale:


We paid $6 and valued everything at $50.  We’re cooking with grease now!

We headed back to the other sale and some guy was there going through the video games!  Goodness!  Thankfully he decided it wasn’t worth it and left everything.  Phew!  Here’s what we got:


Paid $100 for everything, but value it at $320 so still pretty good.  These big lots always get scary expensive but you have to keep your eyes on the prize!  Snacks!

A nice little small pick up next:


Paid $.50 and valued at $15

This next pick up proves that persistence is good:


An original Game Boy!  We’ve never found one of those before.  The lady that sold it to us and her whole family kept telling us they didn’t have anything.  We were looking at everything else and talking with them and suddenly she decided she did have something.  Ha!  That’s funny!

Paid $5 and valued at $40.

After this sale Patrick and I went for a walk.  It’s always good to take breaks from your fun for other fun.  Haha!

Some small next:


Paid $1 and valued at $20


Paid $2 and valued at $10

The lady that sold us this went through some big drama to call her husband and ask about video games.  She even went and dug around inside for like 5 minutes before coming out with 2 silly sports games.  Ha!  Everyone has those!  We ended up buying this from her though:


Goofy!  That could be my nickname probably.  Paid $5 and valued at $25.

Even though it was Patrick’s birthday, he still bought this for Sharron:


How nice!

We also got this little hand held game for us!


Paid $35 and valued at $45.  We didn’t really figure out the real value of the jewelry box though since that’s for us!

Our last pick up of the day was this weight loss kit:


Paid $5 and valued at $60.

So our total for the day was $166.50 spent with about $375 in profit.  Pretty good!


On his way into work the next Friday (6/3), Patrick stopped at a sale, and wouldn’t you know it, they had some games!


He paid a little more than usual for them, $40, but they’re valued at $110 so it’s still a win in my book!  Go Patrick!


On Patrick’s birthday, we made a couple of new friends (we usually do because we’re AWESOME).  They promised they would call us with some stuff in their basements or attics.  Usually their kids decide they won’t sell their stuff, but occasionally they do!  Patrick stopped on the way home from work on 6/8 at 2 places.

This first pick up wasn’t games, but Patrick wanted them:


Coins!  Disney!  Patrick loves both so I think these are going into his collection.

Paid $20 and valued at $30.

Like I mentioned, sometimes we get some games.  Here’s an amazing find!

14151617Wow!  That’s a lot of stuff!

Paid $50 and valued at $390!  A top 5 deal for sure!  Back flip time people!


Saturday 6/11 we were on a new week’s adventure and out the door by 7:00!

Our first stop had advertised video games.  They didn’t have much, but here’s what we got:


Not bad!  Paid $5 and valued at $35.  Not a bad start!

A few small items after our initial buy:


Paid $1 and valued at $30


Paid $2 and valued at $10

After this we headed to a large neighborhood sale that advertised 40 sales!  Wow, that’s a lot!

We hit ALL of them and found a few things, but it was slow going.  We started out strong and found these:


Paid $3 and valued at $20.

About every 4 sales or so we’d find something to buy.  We got a little lucky with this one:

22We paid $15 and think it’s valued somewhere between $150 and $200.  Holee Molee!!!  I about lost my little mind!

Our next pick up was something new we’re trying this year:


We’ve had some luck with little radios and decided to try a larger stereo boom box (Is that right?  Does the box boom!?  Yikes!).  Paid $4 and think it’s worth $50.

Our next pick up was kind of fun as we had to really negotiate to get them to bring it out:


She didn’t want to sell it without the cords.  Haha!  Silly lady, we have extra!  Paid $10 and valued at $40.

Across the street we found this fun little hand held:


We’ve gotten a bunch of these this year!  Paid $1 and valued at $10.  If every sale had something for $1 that was worth $10 we’d be rich!

Another nice $1 purchase:

26 (1)

Paid $1 and valued at $12.  Bang!  Just kidding, it’s only a game.

Patrick really wanted to buy these for Sharron:


He paid $5 for them and the value is priceless.  Sharron loves them!

Here’s our one oops for the week.


We asked if they had games and the brought out a stack after looking for like 10 minutes.  We felt bad that there weren’t any we wanted so decided to just buy one anyway.  Paid $1 and valued at $1.  Oh well!

Our final pick up of the day was pretty late in the morning.  When it gets late you really have to dig through some of the unexplored boxes.  Here’s what we found:


The mini disc cases are for us, but the brand new disks were actually worth buying.  Since it was late in the morning, we looked them up online first before buying them.  Paid $3 and valued at $40.  A good way to end the day!

Our total for 6/11:

Spent:  $46

Expected Profit:  $283

Smaller week than we’ve had lately, but this hobby has its ups and downs!

Until my next post, ruff!

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