Pre-Season Pick-Ups – 4/29

Hello friends!

Did you know that today is my birthday? I’m 8!

We headed out again on Saturday for our last day of “Pre-Season” before the summer sale craziness kicks off in May! The forecast was for thunderstorms, but Patrick doesn’t mind a little rain (he’s crazy!). However, we ended up having fantastic weather and I even got an extra walk in!

Our first sale sounded good on paper and great when we arrived, but they couldn’t find the box of games they said they had. They did bring this out though:

Paid $2 and it’s always a good game to pick up.

Then we took a LONG drive out to our 2nd sale where they said they had video games. We missed them, but picked this stuff up:

Paid $20 for both and value it at $70. If this kept up, we would have had a fantastic day! Alas…

We then went to around 10 more sales where there were hardly any items to look at or just a ton of junk. Get a dumpster people!

Towards the end of our day though, things turned around (They always do if you have hope like I do!).

At one of our last sales we found these:

We paid $8 and value it all at $80. Nice score!

We then headed to our last sale of the day which was on our way home. They had listed toys and bikes, so it had potential. We weren’t wrong!

Picked everything up for $35 and value it all at $125 for our best sale of the day!

No back-flips this week, but we did have a great morning driving around town. Next weekend there should be a TON of sales, so we’ll be crazy busy. Good luck!

Total spent: $65

Total value: $284

Total profit after fees: $162

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