Pre-Season Pick-Ups 4/22

Hello friends!

Next weekend sales will REALLY kick-off, but there were still a bunch this weekend! We had 12 on our list but only made it to 7 (and one was CLOSED!). I think you know what that means!

The first sale we went to had a lot of potential in the description. However, it turned out to be one we went to last year that had crazy prices! Undeterred, we checked things out and found something that was priced really well.

Clothing is something new we’re getting into this year (Not for me to wear though, yuck!). We paid $15 for this and think we can sell it for at least $100. Nice!

Our second sale made it onto our list late in the day on Friday as it wasn’t listed online anywhere but was instead just a sign we saw. Good thing too as here’s what we found:

Some fun stuff! Patrick forgot to take pictures of the Wii Guitar and Wii itself, so that made this bundle a little more fun. We paid $40 for everything and value it at $175. Pretty nice!

Our next stop was one we’d been looking forward to. The description sounded amazing so we decided to show up 1 hour early (faux paw?). As it turned out, people started showing up 2 hours early! Crazy! Strangely enough, we still found some great stuff!

Star Wars Lego? Yes please! We paid $50 and value it all at $235 (maybe more if the Lego set is complete). Patrick says he’s keeping the Star Wars books though! Ha!

3 sales in and we were already doing fantastic! Is it back-flip time yet?

Our final pick-up of the day was at our 6th sale. There was a ton of stuff out and we spent a fair amount of time going through it all. Here’s what we got!

Holy molee! What a GameCube lot! I thought those VHS/DVD players would be too old (they’re older than me!) but they turned out to be $50 each! Wow! We paid $56 for everything and value it all at $396. Ok, NOW it’s back-flip time! Ha!

After that we stopped at an estate sale, but didn’t buy anything and then headed home completely thrilled with what we found. Hopefully the whole season will go this well for us!

Total spent: $160

Total value: $790

Total profit after fees: $475

I hope you did well too! Ruff!

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