Pre-Season Pick-Ups – 4/29

Hello friends!

Did you know that today is my birthday? I’m 8!

We headed out again on Saturday for our last day of “Pre-Season” before the summer sale craziness kicks off in May! The forecast was for thunderstorms, but Patrick doesn’t mind a little rain (he’s crazy!). However, we ended up having fantastic weather and I even got an extra walk in!

Our first sale sounded good on paper and great when we arrived, but they couldn’t find the box of games they said they had. They did bring this out though:

Paid $2 and it’s always a good game to pick up.

Then we took a LONG drive out to our 2nd sale where they said they had video games. We missed them, but picked this stuff up:

Paid $20 for both and value it at $70. If this kept up, we would have had a fantastic day! Alas…

We then went to around 10 more sales where there were hardly any items to look at or just a ton of junk. Get a dumpster people!

Towards the end of our day though, things turned around (They always do if you have hope like I do!).

At one of our last sales we found these:

We paid $8 and value it all at $80. Nice score!

We then headed to our last sale of the day which was on our way home. They had listed toys and bikes, so it had potential. We weren’t wrong!

Picked everything up for $35 and value it all at $125 for our best sale of the day!

No back-flips this week, but we did have a great morning driving around town. Next weekend there should be a TON of sales, so we’ll be crazy busy. Good luck!

Total spent: $65

Total value: $284

Total profit after fees: $162

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Pre-Season Pick-Ups 4/22

Hello friends!

Next weekend sales will REALLY kick-off, but there were still a bunch this weekend! We had 12 on our list but only made it to 7 (and one was CLOSED!). I think you know what that means!

The first sale we went to had a lot of potential in the description. However, it turned out to be one we went to last year that had crazy prices! Undeterred, we checked things out and found something that was priced really well.

Clothing is something new we’re getting into this year (Not for me to wear though, yuck!). We paid $15 for this and think we can sell it for at least $100. Nice!

Our second sale made it onto our list late in the day on Friday as it wasn’t listed online anywhere but was instead just a sign we saw. Good thing too as here’s what we found:

Some fun stuff! Patrick forgot to take pictures of the Wii Guitar and Wii itself, so that made this bundle a little more fun. We paid $40 for everything and value it at $175. Pretty nice!

Our next stop was one we’d been looking forward to. The description sounded amazing so we decided to show up 1 hour early (faux paw?). As it turned out, people started showing up 2 hours early! Crazy! Strangely enough, we still found some great stuff!

Star Wars Lego? Yes please! We paid $50 and value it all at $235 (maybe more if the Lego set is complete). Patrick says he’s keeping the Star Wars books though! Ha!

3 sales in and we were already doing fantastic! Is it back-flip time yet?

Our final pick-up of the day was at our 6th sale. There was a ton of stuff out and we spent a fair amount of time going through it all. Here’s what we got!

Holy molee! What a GameCube lot! I thought those VHS/DVD players would be too old (they’re older than me!) but they turned out to be $50 each! Wow! We paid $56 for everything and value it all at $396. Ok, NOW it’s back-flip time! Ha!

After that we stopped at an estate sale, but didn’t buy anything and then headed home completely thrilled with what we found. Hopefully the whole season will go this well for us!

Total spent: $160

Total value: $790

Total profit after fees: $475

I hope you did well too! Ruff!

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Pick-Ups from 4/14

Hi everyone!

The snow has melted and the weather is warming up! That means that people have started having garage sales again! Hooray!

Patrick says we’re still in “pre-season” but as long as the adventure continues I’m all for it!

We got to go to one sale last weekend on Friday morning. Here’s what we found:

LEGO! These are usually super fun for us. We hoped to find more video games, but what they had was pretty boring stuff. Patrick did buy one he wanted as well as a poker book he wants to read (after building Lego of course, haha!).

We paid $60 for everything and value it all at $125. Not bad for the first sale of the season!

There are more this coming weekend so good luck to you and wish us luck too!

Total spent: $60
Total value: $125
Total profit after fees: $40

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Some Quick Picks!

Hello everyone! Winter weather is coming to a close (Finally!) and we’re starting to gear up for tag sales!

Patrick randomly stopped at a Goodwill on 3/13 and found this:


He paid $8.50 and we think we can sell it for $30.

A few days later he was out and at it again and found this!

Funny! He paid $3 and we think we can sell it for $25!

I can’t believe it’s almost tag sale season again! Backflips all around!

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January Pick-Up!

Hello friends!

It’s hard to believe, but we found something in January! Over the holidays, Patrick decided to stop at the local Goodwill just for fun. Here’s what he found:

Wow! Graphing calculators are usually a good find at a tag sale, but at Goodwill? It’s practically unheard of! We paid $24 for everything and think we can sell it all for $125.

Hope your winter is going well, good luck clearing out your inventory and see you when we find something else!

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Pick-Ups from 9/24 (Season Ender?)

Hello everyone! Only 1 trip to report on this week…even though it’s from 2 weekends ago. Patrick and I didn’t go out last weekend as we’ve been super busy at home. Sharron has been sick, so we’ve been taking GREAT care of her. We love!

We headed out a normal time of around 7:00 that morning and got to our first sale at around 7:20. Nothing too exciting there, but we did get this:


Picked up this silly little thing for $3 and think it’s valued at $10. Nice little ice breaker to start the day.

At our second sale we spotted some teenagers so immediately sent them inside to look for video games. They brought a few out:


Paid $3 for them and thing they’ve valued at around $20 so not bad! Pokemon!

Our next sale was pretty interesting. They had listed many items as new in box (Patrick’s favorite) so we stopped by. It was madness! People everywhere! We asked about video games and the gentleman brought this box out for us:



Wow! Paid $40 for everything and think it’s all worth $250! We’ve really been doing well with NES lately!

At the next sale there ended up being two houses with stuff. The one we went to didn’t have anything, but the other one did!



Interesting stuff! We paid $35 for everything and he gave us the Game Boy for free (the batteries are a MESS!). That projector is brand new so it was quite a good deal. We think everything is worth $215! Wow, we were doing great!

It was still early when we got to the next sale and they actually had some stuff still out on the tables.


We got everything for $30 and value it at $90. This hobby is SO much fun!

The next sale was some kind of community thrift sale. We stopped anyway and picked out some stuff we liked. They only wanted $1 each so that was a bonus!



Paid $4 and we think it’s all worth $50. Nice! Thanks Amazon for that scanner app!

One small purchase at the next sale:

Paid $2 and value it at $10.

On our way to one of the final sales of the day, we stopped at an uncharted sale (always a good idea) and found this:



She wanted a lot of money for it, but we decided to get it anyway. It will make a nice bundle.
Paid $55 and value everything at $110.

The next sale had listed “game systems” in their ad so we wanted to get there early. The only problem was that they weren’t scheduled to open until 10:00. How odd! We stopped by early and they had no idea what we were talking about, but brought this stuff out anyway:


A second Game Boy (not pictured) in one day? Crazy!

We paid $40 for everything and value it all at $160 (maybe more if the camera works). Nice.

Our last pick up of the day (the season maybe?) was this:

Paid $10 for it and can probably sell it for $15. Ah well. Hate to end on a down note, but the day in total was a great success! You gotta stay positive!

Total spent: $221
Total value: $935
Total profit after fees and expenses: $525

Nice way to end our season. Who knows though, maybe there will be a few more sales in November after our busy October? You never know! Plus, we’re getting some stuff from a friend of ours soon, so maybe I’ll blog about that?

Until next adventure, stay friendly and kind!

Here’s some bonus back flips just for fun! Yay!

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Pick-ups from 9/10 and 9/17

Hello again! 2 week intervals seem to be working better for us, so we’re back after 2 weeks. Lot to talk about, so let’s get into it!

On 9/10, we headed out early to a sale that had LEGO in the listing. We got there early and picked up a few things:


People had shown up as early as 6:15! Crazy! We paid $30 and value everything at $58. Not a great start to the day. (Sad face)

The next stop was supposed to be a community sale, but it turned out to be a condo community. We found some good stuff though!


Paid $10 and valued at $32.


Paid $3 and valued at $75. Picking up steam!


Paid $5 and valued at $35.

Not much in the way of video games out that day, so we had to find some other good things to buy. At the next sale we found this!


We saw the Rainbow vacuum logo and it was brand new! We paid $10 and value it at $70.
After the Rainbow purchase, it starting to rain. An odd coincidence!

Because of the rain, we found some good stuff as the sale-to-sale traffic was WAY down!


Paid $3 and valued at $20.


Paid $20 and valued at $32 (the allure of the PS4 got us)


Paid $20 and valued at $90. Much better!

The rain finally let up and the people were back out! We still found some good stuff though.

This lady had a giant tarp over everything, so I got to go underneath to ferret out the deals!


We paid $6 and value it at $25

Gotta stay dry!

We went to another sale that was community-wide and it was AGAIN condos. Ugh. We did pick up this though:


Paid $5 and valued at $30. Not bad for a condo purchase!

Our last stop of the day was an actual neighborhood sale. I advised Patrick that we should skip it, but he said you never know what you’re going to find. Good advice! Here’s what we got:


Paid $5 and valued at $20


Paid $15 and valued at $60


Paid $15 and valued at $45


Paid $5 and valued at $7. Oh well.

Overall we didn’t do too bad for a rainy day. We spent $100 and think we’ll make $275 in profit.

This past weekend, 9/17, we headed out with a HUGE list of sales. Some of them sounded great too!

Our first stop was a good one, but the lady didn’t want to sell her games at that time of day. She said she’d call us back later. I’m sure you’ve had this experience too. Maybe 1 in 30 people actually get back to you so it’s pretty frustrating. You gotta stay positive though!

Our first pick-up was from our second sale. We met a 10 year old young man who wanted to bring his video games out for us to go through. Isn’t that nice? Here’s what we got:


We paid $10 for everything and value it at $84. A good first purchase of the day!

Our second pick-up of the day was pretty fun. We walked up to the sale and there was this giant tub of Skylanders there. We jokingly said $20? And she said no, but that she’d take $30. Sold! Even though they’ve come down in value, there is still value there at that price.


We asked if they had anything else and they brought this out:


WiiU games!? Cool! We paid $15 for all of this, bringing our total up to $45. We value it all at $350.

Honestly, after this, we probably could have called it a day and been happy, but we pressed on!

Our next pick-up was a fun one because Patrick LOVES Transformers!



We paid $8 and value it all at $50. Transforming them takes a long time, but Patrick thinks it’s a ton of fun!

The next sale didn’t have any games out, but did have some interesting fitness devices:


We paid $10 for everything and value it at $100. Gotta get Patrick in shape in time for his vacation! Haha!

Stuff slowed down after this, but we did find this for $5:


These are still going for $30, so not a bad deal!

The final sale of the day was not on our list, it was sign advertised only. We got a TON of stuff from them.




After tallying all of this up, we asked again about more games and they brought THIS out!




We paid $235 for everything and value it all at $785. CRAZY!!!!

So that was it for Saturday. But! There’s more! The lady from the very first sale did call us on Sunday morning and asked if we could come over. We went by in the afternoon and here’s what we got:







OMG! Some amazing stuff in there! She wouldn’t let it go for nothing though so we paid $150 for everything. However, we value it all at $650 so we did very well!

Overall, this was potentially the most money we’ve ever spent in one weekend, but also the most profit.

Total spent: $463
Total value: $2,030
Total Profit: $1,150

Wow! Totally doing some back-flips while I’m trying to type this! Amazing weekend for us! I can’t believe it!

I hope you did well too! Ruff!

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Pick-Ups from 8/20 and 9/3


It’s been a few weeks since Patrick and I sat down to collaborate on our blog. Sorry about that! We’ve been keeping busy though and there’s lots to discuss!

Our first trip we’re going to discuss was on August 20th. Holy molee, that was a while back! We had a good day though.

At one of our first sales, we asked about games and they had a Nintendo DS for us! They also had a Nook for books. Ha!


Paid $15 an valued at $65. Nice start to the day!

We saw a sign nearby so decided to stop. Here’s what we got:


Neat! Now I can talk to Rumi if he goes outside without me. Haha, that won’t be necessary, we always go out together. Paid $2 and valued at $25 if we can get the charger to work.

The next sale we found stuff at was one we were looking forward to. We got a bunch of stuff:


Boxed N64 games! Neat! But wait, there’s more!


Boxed Wii with Wii Sports! Plus one more thing:


So this was a good amount of stuff. We paid $40 for everything and value it at $200. Nice!

Phew, only a few finds so far, but it was already a good day. We usually keep going until around 11:00 so there was a long way, and a walk, to go.

Our next pick-up was this:


A few games and a couple of goodies. New in Box has been Patrick’s favorite idea for pick-ups this year. We paid $13 for everything and think it’s worth $50. Not bad.

At this point it was definitely getting later on in the morning, so we were taking our time and looking up values on Amazon and Ebay (You gotta have an edge!). We bought this after we looked it up:


Paid $5 and think we can sell it for $30. We don’t know anything about car stereos so this was definitely a bit of a risk for us, but for $5 we decided to take a chance. Trying new things is fun!

Since we specialized in video games for so long, we have a lot of knowledge about them. Because of that, it’s always funny to find out what people bought and what they left behind, like this:


We paid $10 for all of this that someone else left behind (they only bought the games) and value it all at $65. Games are great to find, but profit is what we’re after!

We had a few sales left and were hoping for that one last pick-up to round out the day. Here’s what we got:


A gold Zelda for the Nintendo 64? Yes please! Our diligence paid off as they had one game out (Star Wars) and we asked about more. We paid $25 for the lot and value it at $130. Awesome!

So we did pretty well that day. We spent $110 (about average) and we probably get about $350 in profit. Not bad for just a few hours a week!

We skipped August 27th because Patrick went to ride the roller coasters at Six Flags. No thank you! I like to keep my feet on the ground…unless I’m doing back-flips of course.

Our next adventure was last weekend on September 3rd. We got started at 7:00 and were going to try and hit as many of the 40 sales in our area as we could.

The first sale listed video games so of course we wanted to be there first. We were 3rd, but somehow all of the games were still there!

Here’s what we got:


We asked about anything else and they brought out some more:


Wow! A nice lot of games that’s for sure! They actually brought out a bunch more Pokemon games, but after looking through them took them all back inside. That’s the second time this year that someone has done that to us. Oh well, we’re really happy with what we got.

We paid $40 for everything and value it at $250. A GREAT way to start the day!!!

Our second pick-up was a great example of keeping a positive attitude. The sale was full of antiques, but was being run by a younger gentleman. We asked him about video games and look what he had!

Nice. He only wanted $15 for the lot so we did very well as we value it all at $95. We love Mario Kart 64! That was Patrick’s favorite game in college.

The next sale was a bit of a wild card. We hadn’t planned to go to it, but saw the sign and decided to stop. Here’s what we stumbled across:


Paid $3 and valued at $135. Holee Molee! We were super excited to find them!

This adventure really seemed to be a good one as we just kept finding good stuff!

At the next sale we stopped at we found this:


If that was all we got we’d have been happy, but we also asked about video games and they brought this lot out:


Wow! They wanted $45 for everything and we’ve valued it all at $185. Are we rock stars? Because I feel like a rock star.

So we were getting pretty late in the day, but it’s still funny to find stuff that people passed over. Here’s what our next find was:


We sell these guitars all the time and are amazed that we keep finding them so late in the day and for such a cheap price! We paid $13 for all of the (plus some new in box flower vases that we gave to Sharron) and value it all at $70 ($85 if we include the flower vases).

The next sale we stopped at was from a sign we saw. Those have been a gold mine of video games for us as nobody else knows about them either. Here’s what we got:

Nothing fantastic, but we only paid $4 for everything and value it all at $25.

Our last find of the day was pretty small, but hey, it all adds up right? Here’s what we got:


We also got some Egyptian stationary that we bought or Sharron (We got her a lot of presents this week!). We paid $10 for everything and value it all at $40. Not as much fun as the last find we got 2 weeks ago, but it’s always fun to find stuff, no matter how small.

So that’s it for our first adventure in September. We spent $125 and will probably net about $500 in profit. Wow! A great week for us!

We hope you did well too! See you next adventure!

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Latest Pick-Ups From 7/23 – 7/25

Hello everyone! Duncan here with another exciting adventure to report on!

Patrick and I set sail (not really, we drove) at 6:45 Saturday morning with the hope of finding some good stuff. The first sale had listed Lego so we were excited!

The first place wasn’t open yet, so we headed to some that were nearby. The first thing we found was this:
Paid $2 and valued at $5, so not great, but it’s always fun to buy PS1 stuff!

When we made it back to the first sale, someone had already bought the Lego. Nuts! Oh well, on to the next!

It was a nice sunny day and there were lots of other dogs out and about. It was great!

At our next sale, we found some games!
The puzzle is new so Patrick said we should get it. I’m up for some mental summersaults!

Paid $7 and valued at $25. Sometimes you gotta start out with small purchases before you come across the big ones!

We arrived at the next sale we purchased stuff a only a few minutes early, but we were still first to arrive. Hot dog!

Here’s what we got:
Wow, some good stuff for sure!

Paid $45 and valued at $220! Nice! We were so happy, we went for a walk!


On the way back from our walk, we saw a lady and her little girls getting out of their car. I immediately knew I wanted to say hello to them! The Mom was nice, but the daughter was FANTASTIC! She came over and wanted to pet me SO much! She got her little sister out of the car and then they were BOTH petting me! Wow! I was in Dog heaven! The older sister though I was so nice she crouched down and gave me a big hug. Wow. I’ve heard that I’m an ambassador for love and it must be true!

Around the corner from there was another sale. It has been open for a couple of hours, but according to Patrick, you never know what you’re going to find! It’s true! Here’s what we got:
Neat! Patrick’s trying out some new items again. He said one of the things is a fuzz buster. How funny!

Paid $3(!!!) and valued at $60 (iPod doesn’t hold a charge). Fantastic! We were on a roll!

With only a couple more sales left, we kept our positive attitude and drove on! Well, Patrick drove, I napped.

At a hoarder sale, Patrick did some digging and found this:
Only paid $1 and valued at $40! Nice!

At our last sale of the day we found a whole bunch of video games! But they were expensive so we didn’t buy any. However, Patrick asked if they had anything else and here’s what he brought out:
He wanted $80 for it and wouldn’t budge on the price. Still can make some money on it so we picked it up. Valued at $156.

So that was it for Saturday. We did stop at one more sale, but it turned out they weren’t open until Sunday. How odd!

Total for Saturday: $138
Total value: $505
Total profit: $265

So of course, that last sale of the day said they had video games. Patrick got me up at 8:00 and out we went!

Here’s what we got:
Paid $25 for everything and valued at $185. I guess it was smart to go out again!

Total profit from Sunday: $125

Wow, we didn’t get a ton this weekend, but what we got was great!

Patrick is crazy! He went out AGAIN on Monday (I stayed home) and found this stuff:
Paid $65 and valued at $350. Nice job Patrick! He’s really a good business partner.

Total profit from Monday: $220

So that’s finally it from last week. We did great this week! Here are our totals:

Spent: $228
Value: $1,044
Profit: $605

Fantastic week! I foresee a great vacation in our future!

Until next week my friends! Ruff!

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6/18 Pick-Ups

Very few sales this week, but I love to go with Patrick so even a short trip is great!

It’s even better when you find stuff at the very first sale you stop at!

The bag of money is for Patrick (he collects random coins!) but the camcorder is for us!

Paid $10 and valued at $50 so definitely a GREAT start to the day!

A couple of sales later, we found this:

This is actually one of the rarer plug ‘n play devices so we were SUPER glad to find it.

Paid $5 and valued at $30. Not bad! It felt like we were on a roll!

Then we went to 7 (!) sales without finding anything. That’s unusual. I took a nap.

Finally at one of the last sales of the day, Patrick bought this:

He doesn’t usually like the Funko style, but he can’t help getting Star Trek stuff.

Paid $1.50 and valued at $5. A toy for Patrick. Maybe a toy for me next? I’d settle for a treat though…

At the last sale of the day, he picked up these:

Paid $2 and valued at $32.

Total spent for the day: $18.50

Total value: $$117

Total profit: $75

Yikes! Definitely in the middle of the slower part of the season. We made one contact this week (who said I was awesome!) so maybe we’ll hear back from her and turn this week into a winner!

Where is everyone moving to anyway? Do I need a bath!? Ruff!

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