6/18 Pick-Ups

Very few sales this week, but I love to go with Patrick so even a short trip is great!

It’s even better when you find stuff at the very first sale you stop at!

The bag of money is for Patrick (he collects random coins!) but the camcorder is for us!

Paid $10 and valued at $50 so definitely a GREAT start to the day!

A couple of sales later, we found this:

This is actually one of the rarer plug ‘n play devices so we were SUPER glad to find it.

Paid $5 and valued at $30. Not bad! It felt like we were on a roll!

Then we went to 7 (!) sales without finding anything. That’s unusual. I took a nap.

Finally at one of the last sales of the day, Patrick bought this:

He doesn’t usually like the Funko style, but he can’t help getting Star Trek stuff.

Paid $1.50 and valued at $5. A toy for Patrick. Maybe a toy for me next? I’d settle for a treat though…

At the last sale of the day, he picked up these:

Paid $2 and valued at $32.

Total spent for the day: $18.50

Total value: $$117

Total profit: $75

Yikes! Definitely in the middle of the slower part of the season. We made one contact this week (who said I was awesome!) so maybe we’ll hear back from her and turn this week into a winner!

Where is everyone moving to anyway? Do I need a bath!? Ruff!

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