Tag Sale Deal

Last weekend we got the contact info for a guy that said he had a WHOLE bunch of games to sell.  On Friday he sent us pictures.  It was a tough negotiation.  He would NOT give us a starting price but instead insisted we make him an offer.  We finally offered $125 for everything after making an initial estimate of the lot of $500.  He of course instantly countered with $250.  We should have really low balled him…

We counter offered $150 for just the NES and N64 portions to which he made a final offer of $200 for everything.  We slept on it and then we we found NOTHING at tag sales yesterday, decided it was a good enough deal to move on.  Here’s what we got:

DSC_0803After getting everything home and doing a full inventory, we’ve revalued the whole lot at $650.  Found a couple of hidden gems in the NES portion.  Of course, the NES Top Loader is a pretty cool rare system to find!


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