First Tag Sales of the Season SUCCESS!

Oh my goodness!  Last year we didn’t have any sales until April!  That silly Groundhog did say that we’d have an early spring and he was right!

We went out on Saturday to 3 sales!  The first one seemed promising and it was!  Here’s what we found:


Hard to believe that we found something at the VERY FIRST SALE of the year!  Paid $10 and valued at $65 so not bad!

The next two sales didn’t have anything exciting, but we did get a Wiimote gel (that looks like a chew toy to me…) and some magic erasers (again, chew toys?).

We had a good time and our new friend Rumi went with us.  Hopefully there will be more next weekend!

Oh my gosh, Patrick says I need to get to work selling all of the leftovers from last year!  I’m off!

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