Tag Sale Finds 4/23

No blog last week as we didn’t find anything. I think you can guess what that means…we found stuff this week!

Patrick woke me and Rumi up super early on Saturday morning…at like 6:25! We usually get up at around 7:00, but he said that the early bird gets the worm, so we got up. (Even though I don’t like worms) We were on the road by 6:55 after brek and a walk (Yay!).

I was still super tired, so I crawled into Patrick’s lap and took a power nap. Before I knew it we’d arrived at our first sale. Patrick told me that there were supposed to be Star Trek items there and he loves Star Trek so I had high hopes! It looked like we were the first ones there so we asked if it was ok for us to go in (we were early!). They said sure and we found an entire tote of Star Trek stuff! Here’s what we got:


Wow! Paid $48 for everything and valued at around $250! A great start to the day!

On our way to the next sale, we stopped at one that wasn’t supposed to open for 1 ½ hours. They wouldn’t let us in. Oh well!

Our third sale of the day was listed as a MEGA sale! They had their entire front lawn covered in stuff, but we still looked to be one of the first few people to arrive. We asked about games and the younger guy said he’d bring some out. We looked at the rest of the stuff and bought a few more things too. Here’s what we got:


I don’t like that Brain Warp thing and Rumi HATES it! But Patrick said it was funny so we got it. Patrick buys some weird things sometimes. The Michael Jordan cards are supposed to be 22K gold. Sounds fancy!

Paid $24 and valued at $105. We’re on a roll!

Patrick was SUPER excited about this next sale as they had mentioned sporting goods. He doesn’t play any sports but if he’s excited I’M excited too! They didn’t end up having any video games, but Patrick bought some skis?


I didn’t think he was into sports, but if he’s happy, so am I!

Our next sale was a moving sale. We usually don’t like those, but our Spidey senses were tingling about this sale so we went. They didn’t have much at first glance, but after asking about video games, the guy went inside to get some. Always a good sign! He brought out an entire box and we picked out some good ones. Here’s what we got!


Only 10 games, but they’re all mostly good. Patrick got a few for bundling and one he took a chance on. The negotiation was fascinating on this one. The guy started out at $10 a game, but we told him we usually only pay $1-2 per game at sales, but were willing to negotiate. After thinking a bit, the guy finally said, “Ok, you can have these for $20.” SOLD!  Total estimated value: $140.

Patrick then said we were going to a community sale. We’ve done well at those in the past so I was getting excited again. Then I reminded Patrick that he needed to do some work on a home-improvement project and that we should probably go home. We already had lots of good stuff for the day and could call it a success. He agreed and we headed home with breakfast. J

Total spent: $102

Total value if we sold everything individually: $500

Total profit after fees: $300

A great early season day! Backflips for everyone! Woof!

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