4/18/15 Tag Sales

Tag sale season proper is finally upon us so we ventured out.  Stopped at 4 independent sales and 1 neighborhood sale with 12+ homes.  Did very well at the independent sales but the neighborhood sale was practically a bust as EVERYONE was looking for video games.

First sale of the day had advertised video games.

DSC_0658Purchased for an even $20 and valued at $47.  Sometimes you win by inches, not yards.

Next was the neighborhood sale.  Saw some original Xbox games and a couple DS games, but nothing of note.  Did find one sale where I was the first person to ask about video games and bought these 3:

DSC_0655Paid $3 and valued at $27.  I wish they’d had more games at these prices!

Headed to another sale next that had advertised games and got this lot:

DSC_0654Paid $150 and valued at $315.  Not bad.

Had one sale with promise that didn’t pan out.  They had EVERYTHING…but in a storage locker.  Ah well.

Final sale of the day was Nerd-tastic.  Asked about games and he brought all of this out:

DSC_0649Purchased for $36 (I know right?) and valued at $275.  No N64 games, but the Jungle Green system & controller are pretty cool.


Overall tally for the day:

Spent $209

Valued:  $664

Pretty good start to the season!

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