Tag Sale Finds 4/25/15

With 12 tag sales to go to this week, we were very excited to get out and check them out.  Here’s what we found.

After 4 sales of absolutely nothing, and having to return home for a forgotten wallet, we finally broke the ice with this:

DSC_0649Paid $2.50 and valued at $15.

The next sale we went to was the one that we’d been looking forward to.  We had wanted to show up early but due to the forgotten wallet, ended up getting there a little after it opened.  Somehow, we were the first people to arrive.  Here’s what we ended up getting:


Purchased for $35 and valued at $165.

Our final find out the day was a bit of a surprise.  We’d thought the sale had potential, but when we showed up there were a TON of people already there.  However, the 2nd box we looked in had a bunch of games.  Here’s what we picked up:


Paid $15 and valued at $75.

We also realized that we missed a Mario Kart Wii with Wheel because we thought it was just a box with a wheel in it.  Ah well!

Good weekend!

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