Tag Sales 5/23/15

Patrick and I went out to a scheduled 18 (!) sales last Saturday.  We decided to go to West Hartford again even though we’ve had terrible luck there in the past.  It wasn’t much better this time.

After going to 6 or 7 sales we finally found SOMETHING!

DSC_0838Paid $2 and we think it’s valued at $20.

The very next sale had some stuff we wanted too!  They’d advertised that they had Wii games but I think someone had beat us there as there wasn’t much good left.  We took a chance on New Super Mario Bros. Wii even though it was pretty beat up.

DSC_0840Paid $10 and valued at $95 if Mario worked (It didn’t) or at $80 if it didn’t.

By now it was getting pretty late in the morning but we decided to just keep going to sales.

Found these at a sale we should have stopped at earlier:

DSC_0841Paid $1.50 and valued at $35.  This is something new we’re looking for this year.

At the next sale we watched a guy walk out with a box FULL of Super Nintendo games.  The sale people were happy to tell us he paid $5 for the box.  🙁

At the very last sale we went to we’d though we struck gold.  Everything out indicated that they had video games but the folks running the sale didn’t know anything about most of the stuff their son had put out and he was still asleep.  🙁

We did get these though:

DSC_0844Paid $10 and they’re probably worth about $20.  However, they all would have cost MUCH more new.

So, total for the day:  Spent $23.50 and value if we sold everything individually:  $155

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