Tag Sale Finds 5/20/15 – N64 Madness!

Had a pretty lackluster week as far as seeing any games again, but we did find a couple of good things.  Games even!

After going to around 8 sales and finding NOTHING, we go to one of the last sales on our list.  As I’m walking up the driveway, the lady there asks how we’re doing and we tell her we’ve skunked out so far.  She asks what we’re looking for and we mention video games.  She says, “Oh, I’ve got a box of Nintendo and Playstation stuff I didn’t bring out.”  Yes please!

One box was a Playstation 2 that I offered $10 for but she didn’t accept.  The second box was a Nintendo 64 that I offered $20 for that she did accept.  Wish there were more games though as clearly there used to be!


The very next sale we’re about to ask for video games when we notice a N64 sticking out of a box.  We dig through and see some good stuff and ask how much.  $8!  Sold!  Didn’t even try for a better deal.  There was also a Genesis system in the box!



Total spent for the week:  $28

Value if we sold everything individually:  $165

So again, not much found, but what we did find was good.

So here’s what’s really strange, we found probably 5 N64 systems over the last 2 years.  They’ve been scarce!  This year, in the first month we’ve found 5 systems.  How odd right!?


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