7/25 Pick-Ups – Christmas in July?

This week, all of our pick-ups were from Saturday Tag Sales. It wasn’t exactly Christmas in July, but it was a good day!

Patrick said we needed to go to a sale that had Bionicle’s first, so that was our first stop. Here’s what we got:


What we’d found is that the bigger ones are worth more so we picked the two biggest ones up and got them to throw those other 2 Lego sets in. Paid $10 and valued at $35. A good start to the day.

We then headed to West Hartford to go to 10 sales there. I took a nap while Patrick drove.

West Hartford sucks! We thought it was just last year, but this year has been just as bad. Lots of sales, but they’re either all old people with nothing we want or young people with kids that are too small for games.

We did find a few things. Our first pick-up were these games:


We bundled them with a “create your own” greeting card package and some bungie cords for $17. Games alone are worth $20.

After nearly 10 sales in West Hartford and only those 3 games to show for our trouble, we purchased these in desperation:


Paid $5 and valued at $15. Not our best purchase. We wanted to buy more games from them, but the guy wanted $5 for PS2 games. No thank you!

Patrick decided it was time to head back to Simsbury. Instead of taking a nap, I decided to sit up and look around. It was a beautiful day and it was a nice drive and Patrick scratched my ears!

In Simsbury, we were only going to go to 2 sales. 1 of them wasn’t open yet (at 9:45!?) so we skipped it and headed to the other. They’re a repeat from last year, but they had good stuff so we wanted to stop again. Their prices were ridiculous, except on these two items:


Stock pictures, but the same as the ones we got. They’re Gone with the Wind Hallmark ornaments and we picked them up for Sharron. Paid $5 and valued at $15. We hardly ever find Hallmark ornaments so that was pretty cool.

We followed some signs to other sales and were told that we had “just” missed the huge boxes of games they had for sale. Why oh why didn’t these sales advertise? We would have gone there first when we hit the other Simsbury sales. This appears to be a trend as there were several other sales in Simsbury that were sign only. Ugh! It makes me want to leave them a “present” on their front lawn! (not really though, I’m too nice for that)

We next headed to Granby. Another nice drive, but Patrick said that since we’ve had luck there in the past that we should keep going there. He was right! Here’s what we got at our first sale:


Wow! Patrick asked about games and the guy brought out this entire stack. He was really interested in getting rid of them as we only paid $35! Valued at $200 if we sold everything individually.

After this purchase, Patrick decided it was time for a short walk. It was definitely timely as I was about to burst! Phew!

We stopped at a couple more “sign only” sales even though they were Friday sales. We never go to Friday sales as they’ve usually sold out of games by Saturday. However, not this time!


It’s always cool to find Playstation 1 games. Plus, we only paid $15! Valued at $125 so definitely moved the day from good into very good!

So that was our week. We’re still looking to expand our route as we’ve found that the more sales we can hit, the better we do, but we’ve got to find an area like West Hartford, but that is actually fruitful! Maybe Manchester? That’s pretty far, but I can always take a nap while Patrick drives. 🙂

Total expenditure this week: $87

Total value if we sold everything individually: $425

Pretty good week!

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