Week of 7/13 – 7/19 Pick Ups

Small week this week, but we did find a few things. Our first pick-up was a Facebook deal that Patrick put together:


Paid $16 and valued at $55. She wanted $8 a game or we would have picked up more!

We went out to Tag Sales for about 5 hours on Saturday morning. Hit probably 25 sales which is a lot, but as you can tell, they’re all pretty far apart. 3 sales didn’t exist, or were cancelled. We hate that as we drove all that way for nothing.

Our first pick-up of the day was this:


The lady at the sale wanted $1 so we took a chance. Looks to be going for about $15 so not bad!

Our second find of the day:


This lady had around 30 games out, but it was clear that the person selling them had held back all of their star titles. Paid $20 and valued at $67. We stopped back later as the lady said her son might have more and he confirmed that he was only selling off his lower tier stuff.

It always pays to ask. Here was our next find:


The family all said that they didn’t have anything, but when I mentioned DS, the young lady ran inside and brought this out. Paid a little more than we wanted, $20, but valued at $66.

This next pick-up was just sitting on a table all by itself. No games or anything. VERY clean, so took a chance:


Paid $10 and valued at $40. We can bundle this with a good number of our doubles and get rid of it pretty easy if it works.

It was strange to literally drive around the block to the next sale and find this out:


Paid $10 again, and valued at $20. It’d be worth more if the box were in better shape.

There were a few other sales around this one, so we walked to all of them. One had just this lone Wii game out:


He wanted $5 which is WAY too high. We offered $2 and paid $2.50. Valued at $5, but it’s one we were looking for.

Our final pick-up of the day was our best one:


Paid $75 and valued at $250. She wanted $100 and you had to take everything. We countered with $75, and she said ok, but only if we still took the Rock Band set (not pictured). It turned out to not be the 360 system we thought it was, but complete in box is still pretty cool. We’re also going to get in touch with her and see if her son had any more GameCube stuff.

Total expenses for Tag Sales this week: $139

Total value if we sold everything individually: $463

Another lack-luster week, but it’s still fun to find stuff!

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