Week of 7/26 – 8/1 Pick-Ups

No finds during the week again, so everything we found is from tag sales again this week.

Patrick told me he was going to stop at a few on the way home from the airport Friday after dropping Sharron off. He only hit 3, but look what he found!


He said they didn’t really know how much to charge, but didn’t argue too much with his proposal of $50 as he ended up paying $60. Valued at $215 so definitely a good start to the weekend!

Saturday morning we all (Parker too!) piled into the car and went on quite the grand adventure. Patrick decided that we should just keep going until we were too tired not to. With Sharron out of town, us men wanted to have an adventure!

Our plan was 30+ sales and to go to something like 10+ towns. Wow!

We left the house at 7:20 and by 10:00 we’d gone to ~20 sales and found nearly nothing. Here was our only purchase:


Yuck! We purchased that in desperation as we were getting so tired of seeing nothing. We did stop at one cul-de-sac and Patrick took us on a loop around it. Parker usually doesn’t go with us but said that this was totally worth the trouble! Paid $2 and valued at $16.

We finally found another sale that had some games out. Strangely enough, no one was home! They were priced though, so we put our money in the money jar and left with these 2 games:


Not the best purchase, but for $2, we can’t complain. Valued around $10.

By now it was getting late in the day, probably 11:00, and we were all getting tired. Patrick took us for another small walk and reenergized us though!

A sale in Farmington had 2 whole games out, but one of them was this one:


They wanted $5, but after meeting Parker and I, sold it to us for $2. Valued at $15 and as the other sale goers like to say, “We’ll take that all day long.” Ha ha!

A few sales later in Farmington, Patrick asked if they had any games. The lady in charge mentioned a DS, but she wanted a lot for it ($20). It’s not 2013 anymore so the value of those have definitely come down. However! When we mentioned other systems, she said, “Oh, I have a Sega. Do you want to take a look at that too?” We said sure. Here’s what she brought out:


Nice! Haven’t found a Super Nintendo all year long so was great to finally get a nice find like this. She only wanted $10 for the Super NES, so we paid $30 for everything. Valued at $150 so definitely a very good deal for us.

After this pick-up we finally felt like we were having a good day so we decided to just keep going! Stopped at a couple in West Hartford (which sucks) and found nothing. It was on the way to our next few sales though.

Our plan was to stop in Windsor and then Granby before heading home. The sale in Windsor had some stuff in the ad that made us think there might be stuff there.

When we arrived, there was no one home, just a sign that said, “Come on in. Back from the store in 5 minutes.” There was already a lady there so we joined her in the house. There was a lot of stuff inside and it was hard to tell what was for sale. After 15 minutes of looking, we’d found a few games and finally the guy running the sale got home. We showed him what we found and he advised that we go back in and look for more and that he would help us. With his help, here’s everything we found:


Holy cow! A WiiU! Star Trek Hallmark ornaments! He said he had an Xbox 360 but had sold it earlier in the day. That’s ok though as we decided to purchase everything we found. We negotiated to buy it all for $75! He told us the WiiU GamePad was broken, but we decided to take a risk and see if we could fix it. For the entire lot, we valued it at $360! Wow, what a pick-up!

I did some back-flips and was ready to hit up 100+ more sales after this, but Patrick said that we now had enough stuff that we could call it a successful day and head home. Phew, I about lost my little mind after that purchase though.

Total spent this week: $171

Total value if we sold everything individually: $766

Patrick said that he’s going to keep all of Star Trek Hallmark ornaments. He loves them! What’s a Tribble? Would one like to be my friend?

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