Week of 9/5 – 9/12 Pick-Ups

This should be the last Tag Sale update of the season (SAD face) and as you can tell, the write-up is WAY late! Patrick has been super busy and so we took a long time to take inventory of our last outing.

With 14 scheduled stops(!), this mid-September outing looked to be fun! However, as has been the case this season, we skunked out for most of the morning. Drat! It wasn’t until we got almost half-way through that we found something we wanted to buy. It was a good one too!


Mario Party 9! Sweet! Paid $10 and valued at $70.

What was again pretty normal this year is that this sale wasn’t on our list. It was just a sign we saw and decided to stop. (MY Idea!) It seems that all of the advertised sales have been hit hard by folks looking for games. That’s pretty sad as Patrick and I want to find them! That’s all the fun!

Only a couple of sales later, we didn’t even have to ask about video games and they had a bunch of stuff out!


For a few seconds it seemed like they had a whole bunch more inside but when they checked, all they found was the DSi pictured. Paid $50 and valued at $150. We really thought they would have some N64 stuff based on the N64 Donkey Kong VHS. Oh well!

At my favorite sale of the day, we found these three things:


Paid $2 and valued at $20. The best part was that everyone wanted to meet me! I was a rock star! It was super fun!


At the final sale of the day, we really didn’t think we’d find anything. It was in a small over 50 community but we decided to stop anyway and found this!


Paid $10 and valued at $50. Nice!

Here’s one picture that is not game related but that we wanted to share:


OXEN! Wow! It was super neat to meet them, but honestly I didn’t want to get too close. Patrick wanted to give them a pet, but I was much happier at a distance. Ruff!

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