Tag Sale Finds 4/30

I couldn’t sleep Friday night so made sure to wake Patrick up early on Saturday.  This ended up being super great as we got to go for a nice walk before going out on our adventure!

We left home at around 7:10 and were at our first sale by 7:15.  Wouldn’t you know it, we were one of the first to arrive and they had video games for us!

Here’s what we got:



We also got this stool for the kitchen:

DSC_0359 (2)

Now Patrick can sit with me while I eat my brek and din!

We paid $35 for everything and think everything would sell for $330.  Wow!  A great start to the day!

At the second sale of the day, we also were able to get some neat stuff:


Patrick said he isn’t going to start drumming but thought that the drum sticks were a good risk to take.  Inside the bag of Star Wars toys there was a vintage Boba Fett.  I’ve heard he’s mean.  I should chew him up!

We paid $50 for everything and think we could sell it all for $215.  We’re rock stars!

The third sale of the day didn’t have any video games, but we did pick up a few things:


Bumble!  He’s nicer than Boba Fett I bet!  Hey!  That rhymes!

We paid $15 and think we could sell it all for $80.

Next we were able to pick up some more video game stuff:


Nothing too exciting, but Patrick thought it was funny that we found 3 copies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl…until he opened it to find New Super Mario Bros.  Ha!  That game is better anyway!

Paid $10 and valued at $80

That was it for the video games for the day.  We did buy a few more items that Patrick was interested in though:


M-I-C, K-E-Y.  M-O-U-S-EEEEE!  We love Christmas so ornaments are fun to buy!

Patrick says that the radios are hard to find so are more valuable.  Doesn’t everyone have a radio?  I dunno.  Every time I listen to the radio it’s nothing but commercials!  They stink!  (worse than me right now.  Ha ha)

We paid $5(!) for everything and think it’s worth $200!  Wow!  Another good one for us!

So that was everything we got that day.  Except my birthday cake.  We got that on the way home too.  I’m 7!

Total spent:  $115

Total value if we sold everything individually:  $900

Total profit:  $600

Definitely one of our best days ever!  Rumi thinks he’s bringing the good luck.  I still think it’s my bow tie!  Ruff!

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