Tag Sale Finds 5/7

Patrick started the weekend off by stopping at a sale on his way to work on Friday. Here’s what he got:

He only paid $2 and they even came with brand new tapes! We’re valuing them at $38.

The weather was really rainy last week, but Patrick still thought we should go out on an adventure. It rained on me during our pre-adventure walk! I hate that!

There were only 6 sales last weekend, but some of them seemed promising. At our first sale, we immediately noticed they had some Wii games. However, when we asked how much they cost, we were told that all of them were already sold via their Facebook tag sale ad. Sad face! They did have these Lego minifigures in cases though:

We bought them for $2 and have valued the entire set at $105. A good start to the day!

On our way to a great sounding sale, we stopped at another to kill some time. I, of course, suggested another walk instead as it had stopped raining. We asked if they had video games and here’s what they brought out:

They only wanted $10 for everything! We’re valuing them at $121. Not bad for a sale that sounded mediocre!

The next sale we were really looking forward to. My Dunk-tuition was all sorts of tingling! I was definitely right and they had some good stuff for sale. Attached to almost everything though was a print-out from Ebay showing a price for that item. Yuck. Prices were not good and they were not interested in making any deals. Sad face again!

We did pick up this book though:

Patrick already has a copy and says it’s a FANTASTIC story. Maybe he’ll read it to me some day?

We paid $.50 for it and could sell it for $15.

So that was it for this week. For the number of sales we went to we actually had some good luck. Rumi still thinks he’s the lucky dog! Incorrect! Haha!

Total spent: $14.50

Total value if we sold everything individually: $318

Profit after fees: $240

That’s a lot of treats for me! See you next week!

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