Tag Sale Finds 5/21

After last weekend’s success, I was SUPER excited to go out this weekend. We had LOTS of sales to go to and many of them sounded amazing!

We left the house just after 7:00 (after a walk of course) and got to our first sale by 7:15. This lady had advertised Lego so we wanted to see about getting some. Here’s what we got:

In all fairness, she did have Lego, video games and a Pac-Man plug-n-play, but she wanted some CRAZY prices for them all. We left them for the next person.

What we did get we paid $6 for and have valued it at $21.

The next thing was all Patrick. He had been out golfing (without me) and his friend mentioned wanting a ball retriever so Patrick bought him one as a joke.

Paid $1 and valued at Priceless. You can’t put a price on humor I guess?

Our next find was more in line with what I like: Toys!

I don’t think we’ve ever bought GI Joe’s before! They’re about the perfect size for me.

Paid $25 and valued at $58. It seems to have been a day of winning by inches!

Our next find was FINALLY video games!

This was one of those sales where everything was in big bins and Patrick just happened to find these.

Paid $5 and valued at $66. MUCH better! Now we’re cookin!

We went around the corner to the next sale and when we asked about games they brought this out:

Paid $1 and valued at $15. Gotta love Mario!

Our next find was a tough one. They had lots of junk boxes and we just decided to dig a little (I love to dig!) till we found this:

Paid $2 and valued at $30. Digging IS good!  Tell all your friends!

The next sale was a crazy one and really showcased how many people are going to sales at this time of year. There were at least 20 cars parked out front. It was too crazy for us, but we found a couple of things we wanted/needed:

Patrick got the filter for his shop-vac and we’re still trying out the printer ink this year.

Paid $2 and valued at $32. #winning haha!

Our next sale had some 360 games out so we asked if they had any others. They brought out a HUGE pile of PS2 games. We picked up a few:

Nothing too exciting (it IS PS2). Paid $20 and valued at $50.

We walked across the street and found all of this:

Some silly stuff for sure, but games are games! Paid $25 and valued at $80.

It was time for a walk after this, so Patrick took me on a tour of the neighborhood and introduced me to everyone. Isn’t he nice!

We next headed to a neighborhood sale. We loved the ones we went to the previous week, but something about this one seemed off so we went later in the morning. We were right! It was almost all older people without anything interesting. We did find one thing:

Paid $1 and valued at $10. They were nice and really liked meeting me though!

Our last find of the day was an easy one. We were negotiating on their video games when I found these:

Paid $2 and valued at $20. Their games were WAY too expensive so we left them there.

And that was it for last weekend. Not bad but definitely not as good as the previous one. That will be hard to top though!

Total spent: $90

Total expected profit: $185

Still a win, but no back flips this week. Ruff!

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