Pick-Ups from 5/14

Oh my gosh, where to begin!?  Busy week last week as everyone must be doing spring cleaning!  There were 4(!) neighborhood sales.  We went to all of them!  Wow!

Patrick woke me up at 6:15 and we were out the door by 6:45 (without Rumi).  We wanted to get to a sale that’s 30 minutes away by 7:15 that said they had video games.  When we showed up, they pointed to a small pile and told us that was what was left.  We were shocked as we thought we would be the first there.  It turns out that this was their 2nd week!  Surprisingly, we found some stuff:


Not bad!  Paid $5 and valued at $43.

A few of the sales in the area hadn’t opened yet, but when we finally found one, we were able to pick up a couple of interesting things:


Paid $15 and valued at $85.  We were off to an awesome start!  Back flips all around!

We headed out of Plainville to Farmington and went to the 2 neighborhood sales there.  The very first sale had games!  Here’s what we got:


Paid $10 and valued at $80!  It’s the Scooby’s!

At the next sale I asked about games and the guy brought out all of these:


He was a tough negotiator so we paid $39 for everything.  Valued at $84.  Ruff!  Gotta stay nice.

The last thing we found were these 2 Batman movies.  I like Batman!


Paid $5 and valued at $15.  On to the next neighborhood!

When we pulled in, the first few sales were packed.  I suggested we head to the back first so we did.  Wouldn’t you know it?  They had games!


Paid $65 and valued at $180.  We asked if they had anything else and they brought out some more!


Paid $15 and valued at $120.  Lego are fun to chew on, but Patrick doesn’t like the mess it makes.

SO many sales!  It was crazy!

At the next one, Patrick got what looks like a toy!


He says it’s a “Collectable”.  Haha, I’ll take it outside when he’s not looking.

Paid $12 and valued at $55.

Just when we thought we were done we came across this bundle:

9Patrick says this is the first fat (?) PS3 we’ve found.  It’s not nice to call people fat.

Paid $60 and valued at $210.  I guess fat is good!

Next door to this sale they had a driving wheel.  Maybe now I can practice my driving!


Paid $10 and valued at $50.  Let’s race!

Still MORE sales!

The last one we bought stuff at in this neighborhood we got these:


A nerf gun sounds like something that would be fun for dogs!

Paid $5 and valued at $25.

Next, Patrick was feeling pretty silly.  He wanted to buy something else, but he’d run out of money!  Don’t forget to go to the ATM Patrick!

We stopped at an ATM before our next sale.  We didn’t really need it as their prices were crazy low though!  Here’s what we got:


They said they had LOTS more, but couldn’t find it.  Oh well!

Paid $12 and valued at $220!  Holee Molee!  Definite back flips after this one!!!

I was so excited that I took Patrick for a walk.  It was nice to stretch out legs and everyone was happy to see us!

We couldn’t paws for long though as there were still more sales to go.

A few small pick-ups:


Paid $.50 and valued at $11


Paid $.50 and valued at $2 (you can’t win all the time)


Paid $6 and valued at $20.  Patrick says he used to play with these kind of toys when he was my age!  How cool is that!?

Our last sale of the day got us even more stuff!


Paid $40 and valued at $210.  That’s a good place to stop right?

All in all, we spent the most we’ve spent in over a year in one day at $300!

After fees though, we should be able to make around $700 in profit!  Wow!  That is more treats than I can eat in a day!

See you next week!  Ruff!

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