Pick-ups from 9/10 and 9/17

Hello again! 2 week intervals seem to be working better for us, so we’re back after 2 weeks. Lot to talk about, so let’s get into it!

On 9/10, we headed out early to a sale that had LEGO in the listing. We got there early and picked up a few things:


People had shown up as early as 6:15! Crazy! We paid $30 and value everything at $58. Not a great start to the day. (Sad face)

The next stop was supposed to be a community sale, but it turned out to be a condo community. We found some good stuff though!


Paid $10 and valued at $32.


Paid $3 and valued at $75. Picking up steam!


Paid $5 and valued at $35.

Not much in the way of video games out that day, so we had to find some other good things to buy. At the next sale we found this!


We saw the Rainbow vacuum logo and it was brand new! We paid $10 and value it at $70.
After the Rainbow purchase, it starting to rain. An odd coincidence!

Because of the rain, we found some good stuff as the sale-to-sale traffic was WAY down!


Paid $3 and valued at $20.


Paid $20 and valued at $32 (the allure of the PS4 got us)


Paid $20 and valued at $90. Much better!

The rain finally let up and the people were back out! We still found some good stuff though.

This lady had a giant tarp over everything, so I got to go underneath to ferret out the deals!


We paid $6 and value it at $25

Gotta stay dry!

We went to another sale that was community-wide and it was AGAIN condos. Ugh. We did pick up this though:


Paid $5 and valued at $30. Not bad for a condo purchase!

Our last stop of the day was an actual neighborhood sale. I advised Patrick that we should skip it, but he said you never know what you’re going to find. Good advice! Here’s what we got:


Paid $5 and valued at $20


Paid $15 and valued at $60


Paid $15 and valued at $45


Paid $5 and valued at $7. Oh well.

Overall we didn’t do too bad for a rainy day. We spent $100 and think we’ll make $275 in profit.

This past weekend, 9/17, we headed out with a HUGE list of sales. Some of them sounded great too!

Our first stop was a good one, but the lady didn’t want to sell her games at that time of day. She said she’d call us back later. I’m sure you’ve had this experience too. Maybe 1 in 30 people actually get back to you so it’s pretty frustrating. You gotta stay positive though!

Our first pick-up was from our second sale. We met a 10 year old young man who wanted to bring his video games out for us to go through. Isn’t that nice? Here’s what we got:


We paid $10 for everything and value it at $84. A good first purchase of the day!

Our second pick-up of the day was pretty fun. We walked up to the sale and there was this giant tub of Skylanders there. We jokingly said $20? And she said no, but that she’d take $30. Sold! Even though they’ve come down in value, there is still value there at that price.


We asked if they had anything else and they brought this out:


WiiU games!? Cool! We paid $15 for all of this, bringing our total up to $45. We value it all at $350.

Honestly, after this, we probably could have called it a day and been happy, but we pressed on!

Our next pick-up was a fun one because Patrick LOVES Transformers!



We paid $8 and value it all at $50. Transforming them takes a long time, but Patrick thinks it’s a ton of fun!

The next sale didn’t have any games out, but did have some interesting fitness devices:


We paid $10 for everything and value it at $100. Gotta get Patrick in shape in time for his vacation! Haha!

Stuff slowed down after this, but we did find this for $5:


These are still going for $30, so not a bad deal!

The final sale of the day was not on our list, it was sign advertised only. We got a TON of stuff from them.




After tallying all of this up, we asked again about more games and they brought THIS out!




We paid $235 for everything and value it all at $785. CRAZY!!!!

So that was it for Saturday. But! There’s more! The lady from the very first sale did call us on Sunday morning and asked if we could come over. We went by in the afternoon and here’s what we got:







OMG! Some amazing stuff in there! She wouldn’t let it go for nothing though so we paid $150 for everything. However, we value it all at $650 so we did very well!

Overall, this was potentially the most money we’ve ever spent in one weekend, but also the most profit.

Total spent: $463
Total value: $2,030
Total Profit: $1,150

Wow! Totally doing some back-flips while I’m trying to type this! Amazing weekend for us! I can’t believe it!

I hope you did well too! Ruff!

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