Pick-Ups from 9/24 (Season Ender?)

Hello everyone! Only 1 trip to report on this week…even though it’s from 2 weekends ago. Patrick and I didn’t go out last weekend as we’ve been super busy at home. Sharron has been sick, so we’ve been taking GREAT care of her. We love!

We headed out a normal time of around 7:00 that morning and got to our first sale at around 7:20. Nothing too exciting there, but we did get this:


Picked up this silly little thing for $3 and think it’s valued at $10. Nice little ice breaker to start the day.

At our second sale we spotted some teenagers so immediately sent them inside to look for video games. They brought a few out:


Paid $3 for them and thing they’ve valued at around $20 so not bad! Pokemon!

Our next sale was pretty interesting. They had listed many items as new in box (Patrick’s favorite) so we stopped by. It was madness! People everywhere! We asked about video games and the gentleman brought this box out for us:



Wow! Paid $40 for everything and think it’s all worth $250! We’ve really been doing well with NES lately!

At the next sale there ended up being two houses with stuff. The one we went to didn’t have anything, but the other one did!



Interesting stuff! We paid $35 for everything and he gave us the Game Boy for free (the batteries are a MESS!). That projector is brand new so it was quite a good deal. We think everything is worth $215! Wow, we were doing great!

It was still early when we got to the next sale and they actually had some stuff still out on the tables.


We got everything for $30 and value it at $90. This hobby is SO much fun!

The next sale was some kind of community thrift sale. We stopped anyway and picked out some stuff we liked. They only wanted $1 each so that was a bonus!



Paid $4 and we think it’s all worth $50. Nice! Thanks Amazon for that scanner app!

One small purchase at the next sale:

Paid $2 and value it at $10.

On our way to one of the final sales of the day, we stopped at an uncharted sale (always a good idea) and found this:



She wanted a lot of money for it, but we decided to get it anyway. It will make a nice bundle.
Paid $55 and value everything at $110.

The next sale had listed “game systems” in their ad so we wanted to get there early. The only problem was that they weren’t scheduled to open until 10:00. How odd! We stopped by early and they had no idea what we were talking about, but brought this stuff out anyway:


A second Game Boy (not pictured) in one day? Crazy!

We paid $40 for everything and value it all at $160 (maybe more if the camera works). Nice.

Our last pick up of the day (the season maybe?) was this:

Paid $10 for it and can probably sell it for $15. Ah well. Hate to end on a down note, but the day in total was a great success! You gotta stay positive!

Total spent: $221
Total value: $935
Total profit after fees and expenses: $525

Nice way to end our season. Who knows though, maybe there will be a few more sales in November after our busy October? You never know! Plus, we’re getting some stuff from a friend of ours soon, so maybe I’ll blog about that?

Until next adventure, stay friendly and kind!

Here’s some bonus back flips just for fun! Yay!

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