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Haven’t had much time to update lately so here is a large update all at once.

June 6 Tag Sales

Our first sale of the day had advertised “vintage video games” so we got there a little early. Most of the stuff was already (!) gone but there were a few things left. Here’s what we picked up:


Paid $13 and valued at $50.

Our next find was a funny one as when we asked if they had any games they said “no”. Then a minute later they said, “Oh, we only have systems”. Turned out they had a Wii system with 2 games.


We also picked up those handheld golf games as we’re trying to learn more about the handheld market. Will probably buy a lot of crap this summer before we figure it out.

Paid $25 and valued at $70.

Our next stop had advertised video games and we were surprised to find that we were the first ones there. They didn’t have a lot of things we wanted, but here’s what we got:


Yes, that is a Battle Bones figure carrier from the original He-Man toy line. We also got Ghostbusters for the DS but we forgot to put it in the picture.

Paid $20 and valued at $74.

If we’d only found this we’d have been happy with the day. But there were more sales to go!

At the next stop the guy had two games out. We bought one:


Paid $5 and valued at $18.

We got a message at that point from a contact that there was a Wii for sale at a specific sale so we headed that way.


Paid $40 and valued at $60 (not our best purchase). It did come with 3 wiimotes though…

The previous week we had stopped at a sale we thought had potential. It ended up being delayed until this week. Of course, the delayed the opening again so we didn’t stop until later in the morning. This can be beneficial as teenage children will be awake at that time and they’re more interested in selling their games. This teenager brought a stack of PS3 games out for us to look through. Here’s what we purchased:


Paid $30 and valued at $71.

At our final stop of the day, another teenager was busy running around. When asked, he actually brought us inside to go through all of his games with him. He wasn’t very willing to part with many, but here’s what we did get:


Similar to the handheld games mentioned above, the Plug ‘N Play games are something we’re trying to learn more about this year. Similarly, we’ll probably end up with a lot of crap before the summer is over, but we’ll definitely learn what’s what.

Paid $20 and valued at $59.

Total expenses for 6/6: $153

Total value if we sold everything individually: $402


Goodwill Pick-Up – 6/10

Stopped by the local Goodwill on 6/10 and must have just come in right after they’d put stuff out. At the same time, there were two PS3 games that were hidden in the wrong location.


Paid $22 and valued at $56.


Tag Sale Pick-Up – 6/12

On 6/11 there was a Craigslist Tag Sale ad featuring Star Trek memorabilia. The owner posted their cell phone number and said to contact them. We did and also inquired about video games. She said they had an Xbox and WiiU(!). We weren’t able to go until the next morning, but we did make it there early. Most of the Star Trek stuff was gone already, but we did have the opportunity to buy the Xbox One(!) and WiiU. She wanted $800 for everything. Yikes! Needless to say, we passed. Here’s what we did get:


Not pictured: Wesley Crusher hoodie from ThinkGeek.

Paid $30 and valued at $95.


Tag Sale pick-ups – 6/13

Another large list of sales sure looked like a lot of fun, especially with a few of them listing video games in their ads. However, the first place we stopped was already sold-out by the time we got there…15 minutes before they were supposed to open. We hate that!

The second one that listed video games was also sold out. They’d had people come THE DAY BEFORE and knock on their door. Ugh.

Finally, about 10 sales in, we found a young man with a “ton” of games. These are what he was willing to part with:



Paid $10 and valued at $75.

These were the only video games we saw this week, though we did find some more Plug ‘N Play devices:


Paid $9 and valued at $60.

The guy with the GameCube games did end up texting me later with a Nintendo DS. Forgot to get a picture of it, but paid $16 and valued at $35.

Also not pictured, but we found a PS3 Guitar Hero controller. No game, no shoulder strap, but they only wanted $1 so we picked it up. Did not realize the PS3 version needs a dongle, but it still looks like they’re valued at around $20.

Small week, but did well.

Total expenses for 6/13: $36

Total value if we sold everything individually: $195

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