Weekly Pick-Ups 6/16 – 6/22

Another week, another big group of things we picked up.

Our first of the week was on 6/18 at Goodwill:
Paid $8 and valued at $20. Not bad. Not bad until the game didn’t work…

On Friday 6/19, the sickness took Patrick and he stopped at a sale on the way to work. Good thing too:
This was one of those situations where you ask for video games and the proprietor runs back inside to bring them out. When questioned as to the price, entire stack or per game was mentioned. The man said, “$15 takes it all!” Sold. Valued at $200+.

Saturday 6/20 rolled around and we headed out to 18 tag sales. Nearly everywhere we went we were told that other people had already asked about video games and then bought them. Le sigh. However, we left early to get to one specific sale due to their ad mentioning Lego Star Wars. Here’s what we got:
There wasn’t much Star Wars surprisingly, but there were enough branded stuff that we decided to buy everything. Paid $75 and valued at $250.

The second sale we went to had mentioned “Play Station” in their ad. Again, we got there early. Here’s what we got:
Paid $25 for everything. Not bad. Hard to value the Lego until we have time to dig through it, but it seems reasonable that everything together is worth around $100.

You know how sometimes you do things that you think are a good idea but aren’t? Here’s a good example: After asking about video games and being told they were already sold, one of the ladies at this sale told us that her husband was bringing a Pac-Man lunch box. She was very excited about it saying that it was going for over $100 on Ebay. We decided to wait and see what they were asking. Her husband wanted $30 which seemed reasonable for something that’s selling for over $100 right?

Here’s the lunch box:
Actual value based on average Ebay prices: $15. Ouch. We are suckers. We were suckered.

Our final sale of the day was pretty deserted by the time we got there. We asked about games and they lady told us they sold first thing. Le sigh. We asked if there was anything she hadn’t brought out and she said, “Oh, just some DS stuff.” We asked to see it. Here’s what she had:
She wanted $10 for all 9 games which is a very reasonable price for these games. Total value: $60.

Total expenditures: $163

Total value: $625

Pretty good week!

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