Week of 7/6 – 7/12 pick ups

Been a few weeks since we’ve have anything to report, but here’s the latest!

Last week, Patrick posted a “wanted” ad for video games on a Facebook group and got tremendous response! The first thing he agreed to purchase was an Xbox 360 system:


It’s the 250gb version. Paid $100 and valued at around $200. Not a fantastic purchase, but definitely not bad!


Tag Sales 7/11

There weren’t too many sales listed for us to go to this week, but we kept a positive attitude. The first sale we went to listed video games in their ad so we got there a little early. They had 4 games. 4. We decided to buy 2 of them and take a chance.

Paid $2 and valued at $9.

The second sale we went to was near to the first. We got lucky and found this:


Paid $3 and valued at $50 – $80. Good one!

The next sale we found stuff at was disappointing. It was one we’d marked as having potential, but we went to it 4th due to that first one listing games. Of course, by the time we got there, all of their games were sold. They said they’d call us if they found anything else.

At our second “potential” sale, they had some Xbox 360 stuff so we took a risk on this Madden game:


Paid $7 and valued at $12. Ah well… We thought that since the 360 version of Madden 25 is worth $10, that this would be too… Still, pretty cool to find an Xbox One game. It’s the first one we’ve purchased!

At our third sale with potential we found nothing… until we asked. It was a consolidated neighborhood sale and one lady send her husband home to get some GameCube stuff. Here’s what he brought back:


We offered $10 and she said $15 which we accepted. Valued at $81. It was strange that they didn’t have the system, but still really nice to find GameCube stuff!

Found this at a sale that we thought wouldn’t have anything:


Pretty cool to find a Lazer Tag set in the box. Offered $5 which he accepted. Looks to be worth around $25.

Stopped at the next sale after seeing a sign. Wasn’t going to stop, but glad we did. Here’s what they had out:


Paid $12 and valued at $45. We then asked if they had anything else. The neighbors said they did so ran home and brought all of this over:


We asked how much they wanted and the guy said, “Nothing, just take it away.” We said that we had to give him at least $5, but he refused! Valued at $111. Wow. We’ve never had that happen before.

At about this point we got a text from our first “potential” sale. They said they had Mario games for us. Here’s what they had:


Paid $10 for all 3 and valued at $22. Definitely paid too much, but since they dug them out for us we decided to just pick them up.

Total expenditures for this week’s Tag Sales: $54. Total value if we sold everything individually: $355. Pretty good week for Tag Sales!


Facebook find:

During our tag sale outing, Patrick got a message from someone selling this:


Paid $50 and valued at $80 – $100. Not the best purchase, but it was too cool to pass up.

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