Week of 8/9 – 8/15 Pick Ups

Saturday morning rolled around and Patrick woke me and Parker up early so that he and I could go to some Tag Sales. We only had 10 on our list, but were hoping we could find some good finds!

Our first stop had potential. I had looked at the listing and told Patrick that it was a good one. He agreed so we went there first. We were right and they had some PS2 games out, but nothing great. We enquired about other stuff and the people there said that they had EVERYTHING out this morning but that their son had taken it ALL back inside. Le Sigh. Oh well, at least our instincts are good!

The next place we stopped wasn’t open yet! We usually just go in order of convenience for us and hope that places will let us in early if we stop there. Oh well, on to the next one! As I always say, you gotta stay positive!

We quickly headed through some back roads and made it to another sale with potential in Granby. I like the long drives as I can snuggle in or look around while Patrick drives. We weren’t the first people there, but we had first pick of the games they had. Again, our instincts were right, but they didn’t have much. Here’s what we bought:


Paid $2 and valued at $20. They also had a Sega Genesis, but nothing worth picking up. We broke the ice though so that’s always good!

While heading to our next sale, we decided to stop at a sale that started on Friday. We don’t normally do that as they’ve usually sold all their good stuff by Saturday, but we’ve been having luck in Granby. Paydirt!


After asking, they brought Black Ops II out and then showed us one of the PS3 Sixaxis controllers. They only wanted $5 (great deal) so we were definitely going to buy them. Patrick though, kept sniffing around (ha!), and they said they did still have the PS3 system but that it didn’t work. We asked if they’d be willing to sell it and they said yes! Bought everything for $25 and valued at $135. Plus, Patrick and I can do some repairs to the PS3 which is totally fun!

Patrick took me on a quick walk after this sale to celebrate. Plus, it was a cul-de-sac, so you know, safety first!

We hit a few more sales before heading home for the day. Didn’t find much, but we had a nice time.

But wait, there’s more! Patrick had to run some errands later in the day and decided to stop at a few more sales that we didn’t know about. What is the deal with that? Why don’t people advertise?

At the first sale, they took him inside and showed him some great Wii games. He was negotiating when the Dad asked the Mom why she was selling the games. Patrick put the games down and left nicely. He’s so nice!

The next sale though he found a few things:


Nothing too exciting, but some good stuff. Paid $10 and valued at $50.

Not a bad weekend overall!

Spent: $37

Value if we sold everything individually: $205

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Week of 7/26 – 8/1 Pick-Ups

No finds during the week again, so everything we found is from tag sales again this week.

Patrick told me he was going to stop at a few on the way home from the airport Friday after dropping Sharron off. He only hit 3, but look what he found!


He said they didn’t really know how much to charge, but didn’t argue too much with his proposal of $50 as he ended up paying $60. Valued at $215 so definitely a good start to the weekend!

Saturday morning we all (Parker too!) piled into the car and went on quite the grand adventure. Patrick decided that we should just keep going until we were too tired not to. With Sharron out of town, us men wanted to have an adventure!

Our plan was 30+ sales and to go to something like 10+ towns. Wow!

We left the house at 7:20 and by 10:00 we’d gone to ~20 sales and found nearly nothing. Here was our only purchase:


Yuck! We purchased that in desperation as we were getting so tired of seeing nothing. We did stop at one cul-de-sac and Patrick took us on a loop around it. Parker usually doesn’t go with us but said that this was totally worth the trouble! Paid $2 and valued at $16.

We finally found another sale that had some games out. Strangely enough, no one was home! They were priced though, so we put our money in the money jar and left with these 2 games:


Not the best purchase, but for $2, we can’t complain. Valued around $10.

By now it was getting late in the day, probably 11:00, and we were all getting tired. Patrick took us for another small walk and reenergized us though!

A sale in Farmington had 2 whole games out, but one of them was this one:


They wanted $5, but after meeting Parker and I, sold it to us for $2. Valued at $15 and as the other sale goers like to say, “We’ll take that all day long.” Ha ha!

A few sales later in Farmington, Patrick asked if they had any games. The lady in charge mentioned a DS, but she wanted a lot for it ($20). It’s not 2013 anymore so the value of those have definitely come down. However! When we mentioned other systems, she said, “Oh, I have a Sega. Do you want to take a look at that too?” We said sure. Here’s what she brought out:


Nice! Haven’t found a Super Nintendo all year long so was great to finally get a nice find like this. She only wanted $10 for the Super NES, so we paid $30 for everything. Valued at $150 so definitely a very good deal for us.

After this pick-up we finally felt like we were having a good day so we decided to just keep going! Stopped at a couple in West Hartford (which sucks) and found nothing. It was on the way to our next few sales though.

Our plan was to stop in Windsor and then Granby before heading home. The sale in Windsor had some stuff in the ad that made us think there might be stuff there.

When we arrived, there was no one home, just a sign that said, “Come on in. Back from the store in 5 minutes.” There was already a lady there so we joined her in the house. There was a lot of stuff inside and it was hard to tell what was for sale. After 15 minutes of looking, we’d found a few games and finally the guy running the sale got home. We showed him what we found and he advised that we go back in and look for more and that he would help us. With his help, here’s everything we found:


Holy cow! A WiiU! Star Trek Hallmark ornaments! He said he had an Xbox 360 but had sold it earlier in the day. That’s ok though as we decided to purchase everything we found. We negotiated to buy it all for $75! He told us the WiiU GamePad was broken, but we decided to take a risk and see if we could fix it. For the entire lot, we valued it at $360! Wow, what a pick-up!

I did some back-flips and was ready to hit up 100+ more sales after this, but Patrick said that we now had enough stuff that we could call it a successful day and head home. Phew, I about lost my little mind after that purchase though.

Total spent this week: $171

Total value if we sold everything individually: $766

Patrick said that he’s going to keep all of Star Trek Hallmark ornaments. He loves them! What’s a Tribble? Would one like to be my friend?

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7/25 Pick-Ups – Christmas in July?

This week, all of our pick-ups were from Saturday Tag Sales. It wasn’t exactly Christmas in July, but it was a good day!

Patrick said we needed to go to a sale that had Bionicle’s first, so that was our first stop. Here’s what we got:


What we’d found is that the bigger ones are worth more so we picked the two biggest ones up and got them to throw those other 2 Lego sets in. Paid $10 and valued at $35. A good start to the day.

We then headed to West Hartford to go to 10 sales there. I took a nap while Patrick drove.

West Hartford sucks! We thought it was just last year, but this year has been just as bad. Lots of sales, but they’re either all old people with nothing we want or young people with kids that are too small for games.

We did find a few things. Our first pick-up were these games:


We bundled them with a “create your own” greeting card package and some bungie cords for $17. Games alone are worth $20.

After nearly 10 sales in West Hartford and only those 3 games to show for our trouble, we purchased these in desperation:


Paid $5 and valued at $15. Not our best purchase. We wanted to buy more games from them, but the guy wanted $5 for PS2 games. No thank you!

Patrick decided it was time to head back to Simsbury. Instead of taking a nap, I decided to sit up and look around. It was a beautiful day and it was a nice drive and Patrick scratched my ears!

In Simsbury, we were only going to go to 2 sales. 1 of them wasn’t open yet (at 9:45!?) so we skipped it and headed to the other. They’re a repeat from last year, but they had good stuff so we wanted to stop again. Their prices were ridiculous, except on these two items:


Stock pictures, but the same as the ones we got. They’re Gone with the Wind Hallmark ornaments and we picked them up for Sharron. Paid $5 and valued at $15. We hardly ever find Hallmark ornaments so that was pretty cool.

We followed some signs to other sales and were told that we had “just” missed the huge boxes of games they had for sale. Why oh why didn’t these sales advertise? We would have gone there first when we hit the other Simsbury sales. This appears to be a trend as there were several other sales in Simsbury that were sign only. Ugh! It makes me want to leave them a “present” on their front lawn! (not really though, I’m too nice for that)

We next headed to Granby. Another nice drive, but Patrick said that since we’ve had luck there in the past that we should keep going there. He was right! Here’s what we got at our first sale:


Wow! Patrick asked about games and the guy brought out this entire stack. He was really interested in getting rid of them as we only paid $35! Valued at $200 if we sold everything individually.

After this purchase, Patrick decided it was time for a short walk. It was definitely timely as I was about to burst! Phew!

We stopped at a couple more “sign only” sales even though they were Friday sales. We never go to Friday sales as they’ve usually sold out of games by Saturday. However, not this time!


It’s always cool to find Playstation 1 games. Plus, we only paid $15! Valued at $125 so definitely moved the day from good into very good!

So that was our week. We’re still looking to expand our route as we’ve found that the more sales we can hit, the better we do, but we’ve got to find an area like West Hartford, but that is actually fruitful! Maybe Manchester? That’s pretty far, but I can always take a nap while Patrick drives. 🙂

Total expenditure this week: $87

Total value if we sold everything individually: $425

Pretty good week!

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Week of 7/13 – 7/19 Pick Ups

Small week this week, but we did find a few things. Our first pick-up was a Facebook deal that Patrick put together:


Paid $16 and valued at $55. She wanted $8 a game or we would have picked up more!

We went out to Tag Sales for about 5 hours on Saturday morning. Hit probably 25 sales which is a lot, but as you can tell, they’re all pretty far apart. 3 sales didn’t exist, or were cancelled. We hate that as we drove all that way for nothing.

Our first pick-up of the day was this:


The lady at the sale wanted $1 so we took a chance. Looks to be going for about $15 so not bad!

Our second find of the day:


This lady had around 30 games out, but it was clear that the person selling them had held back all of their star titles. Paid $20 and valued at $67. We stopped back later as the lady said her son might have more and he confirmed that he was only selling off his lower tier stuff.

It always pays to ask. Here was our next find:


The family all said that they didn’t have anything, but when I mentioned DS, the young lady ran inside and brought this out. Paid a little more than we wanted, $20, but valued at $66.

This next pick-up was just sitting on a table all by itself. No games or anything. VERY clean, so took a chance:


Paid $10 and valued at $40. We can bundle this with a good number of our doubles and get rid of it pretty easy if it works.

It was strange to literally drive around the block to the next sale and find this out:


Paid $10 again, and valued at $20. It’d be worth more if the box were in better shape.

There were a few other sales around this one, so we walked to all of them. One had just this lone Wii game out:


He wanted $5 which is WAY too high. We offered $2 and paid $2.50. Valued at $5, but it’s one we were looking for.

Our final pick-up of the day was our best one:


Paid $75 and valued at $250. She wanted $100 and you had to take everything. We countered with $75, and she said ok, but only if we still took the Rock Band set (not pictured). It turned out to not be the 360 system we thought it was, but complete in box is still pretty cool. We’re also going to get in touch with her and see if her son had any more GameCube stuff.

Total expenses for Tag Sales this week: $139

Total value if we sold everything individually: $463

Another lack-luster week, but it’s still fun to find stuff!

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Week of 7/6 – 7/12 pick ups

Been a few weeks since we’ve have anything to report, but here’s the latest!

Last week, Patrick posted a “wanted” ad for video games on a Facebook group and got tremendous response! The first thing he agreed to purchase was an Xbox 360 system:


It’s the 250gb version. Paid $100 and valued at around $200. Not a fantastic purchase, but definitely not bad!


Tag Sales 7/11

There weren’t too many sales listed for us to go to this week, but we kept a positive attitude. The first sale we went to listed video games in their ad so we got there a little early. They had 4 games. 4. We decided to buy 2 of them and take a chance.

Paid $2 and valued at $9.

The second sale we went to was near to the first. We got lucky and found this:


Paid $3 and valued at $50 – $80. Good one!

The next sale we found stuff at was disappointing. It was one we’d marked as having potential, but we went to it 4th due to that first one listing games. Of course, by the time we got there, all of their games were sold. They said they’d call us if they found anything else.

At our second “potential” sale, they had some Xbox 360 stuff so we took a risk on this Madden game:


Paid $7 and valued at $12. Ah well… We thought that since the 360 version of Madden 25 is worth $10, that this would be too… Still, pretty cool to find an Xbox One game. It’s the first one we’ve purchased!

At our third sale with potential we found nothing… until we asked. It was a consolidated neighborhood sale and one lady send her husband home to get some GameCube stuff. Here’s what he brought back:


We offered $10 and she said $15 which we accepted. Valued at $81. It was strange that they didn’t have the system, but still really nice to find GameCube stuff!

Found this at a sale that we thought wouldn’t have anything:


Pretty cool to find a Lazer Tag set in the box. Offered $5 which he accepted. Looks to be worth around $25.

Stopped at the next sale after seeing a sign. Wasn’t going to stop, but glad we did. Here’s what they had out:


Paid $12 and valued at $45. We then asked if they had anything else. The neighbors said they did so ran home and brought all of this over:


We asked how much they wanted and the guy said, “Nothing, just take it away.” We said that we had to give him at least $5, but he refused! Valued at $111. Wow. We’ve never had that happen before.

At about this point we got a text from our first “potential” sale. They said they had Mario games for us. Here’s what they had:


Paid $10 for all 3 and valued at $22. Definitely paid too much, but since they dug them out for us we decided to just pick them up.

Total expenditures for this week’s Tag Sales: $54. Total value if we sold everything individually: $355. Pretty good week for Tag Sales!


Facebook find:

During our tag sale outing, Patrick got a message from someone selling this:


Paid $50 and valued at $80 – $100. Not the best purchase, but it was too cool to pass up.

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Weekly Pick-Ups 6/16 – 6/22

Another week, another big group of things we picked up.

Our first of the week was on 6/18 at Goodwill:
Paid $8 and valued at $20. Not bad. Not bad until the game didn’t work…

On Friday 6/19, the sickness took Patrick and he stopped at a sale on the way to work. Good thing too:
This was one of those situations where you ask for video games and the proprietor runs back inside to bring them out. When questioned as to the price, entire stack or per game was mentioned. The man said, “$15 takes it all!” Sold. Valued at $200+.

Saturday 6/20 rolled around and we headed out to 18 tag sales. Nearly everywhere we went we were told that other people had already asked about video games and then bought them. Le sigh. However, we left early to get to one specific sale due to their ad mentioning Lego Star Wars. Here’s what we got:
There wasn’t much Star Wars surprisingly, but there were enough branded stuff that we decided to buy everything. Paid $75 and valued at $250.

The second sale we went to had mentioned “Play Station” in their ad. Again, we got there early. Here’s what we got:
Paid $25 for everything. Not bad. Hard to value the Lego until we have time to dig through it, but it seems reasonable that everything together is worth around $100.

You know how sometimes you do things that you think are a good idea but aren’t? Here’s a good example: After asking about video games and being told they were already sold, one of the ladies at this sale told us that her husband was bringing a Pac-Man lunch box. She was very excited about it saying that it was going for over $100 on Ebay. We decided to wait and see what they were asking. Her husband wanted $30 which seemed reasonable for something that’s selling for over $100 right?

Here’s the lunch box:
Actual value based on average Ebay prices: $15. Ouch. We are suckers. We were suckered.

Our final sale of the day was pretty deserted by the time we got there. We asked about games and they lady told us they sold first thing. Le sigh. We asked if there was anything she hadn’t brought out and she said, “Oh, just some DS stuff.” We asked to see it. Here’s what she had:
She wanted $10 for all 9 games which is a very reasonable price for these games. Total value: $60.

Total expenditures: $163

Total value: $625

Pretty good week!

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Latest Updates

Haven’t had much time to update lately so here is a large update all at once.

June 6 Tag Sales

Our first sale of the day had advertised “vintage video games” so we got there a little early. Most of the stuff was already (!) gone but there were a few things left. Here’s what we picked up:


Paid $13 and valued at $50.

Our next find was a funny one as when we asked if they had any games they said “no”. Then a minute later they said, “Oh, we only have systems”. Turned out they had a Wii system with 2 games.


We also picked up those handheld golf games as we’re trying to learn more about the handheld market. Will probably buy a lot of crap this summer before we figure it out.

Paid $25 and valued at $70.

Our next stop had advertised video games and we were surprised to find that we were the first ones there. They didn’t have a lot of things we wanted, but here’s what we got:


Yes, that is a Battle Bones figure carrier from the original He-Man toy line. We also got Ghostbusters for the DS but we forgot to put it in the picture.

Paid $20 and valued at $74.

If we’d only found this we’d have been happy with the day. But there were more sales to go!

At the next stop the guy had two games out. We bought one:


Paid $5 and valued at $18.

We got a message at that point from a contact that there was a Wii for sale at a specific sale so we headed that way.


Paid $40 and valued at $60 (not our best purchase). It did come with 3 wiimotes though…

The previous week we had stopped at a sale we thought had potential. It ended up being delayed until this week. Of course, the delayed the opening again so we didn’t stop until later in the morning. This can be beneficial as teenage children will be awake at that time and they’re more interested in selling their games. This teenager brought a stack of PS3 games out for us to look through. Here’s what we purchased:


Paid $30 and valued at $71.

At our final stop of the day, another teenager was busy running around. When asked, he actually brought us inside to go through all of his games with him. He wasn’t very willing to part with many, but here’s what we did get:


Similar to the handheld games mentioned above, the Plug ‘N Play games are something we’re trying to learn more about this year. Similarly, we’ll probably end up with a lot of crap before the summer is over, but we’ll definitely learn what’s what.

Paid $20 and valued at $59.

Total expenses for 6/6: $153

Total value if we sold everything individually: $402


Goodwill Pick-Up – 6/10

Stopped by the local Goodwill on 6/10 and must have just come in right after they’d put stuff out. At the same time, there were two PS3 games that were hidden in the wrong location.


Paid $22 and valued at $56.


Tag Sale Pick-Up – 6/12

On 6/11 there was a Craigslist Tag Sale ad featuring Star Trek memorabilia. The owner posted their cell phone number and said to contact them. We did and also inquired about video games. She said they had an Xbox and WiiU(!). We weren’t able to go until the next morning, but we did make it there early. Most of the Star Trek stuff was gone already, but we did have the opportunity to buy the Xbox One(!) and WiiU. She wanted $800 for everything. Yikes! Needless to say, we passed. Here’s what we did get:


Not pictured: Wesley Crusher hoodie from ThinkGeek.

Paid $30 and valued at $95.


Tag Sale pick-ups – 6/13

Another large list of sales sure looked like a lot of fun, especially with a few of them listing video games in their ads. However, the first place we stopped was already sold-out by the time we got there…15 minutes before they were supposed to open. We hate that!

The second one that listed video games was also sold out. They’d had people come THE DAY BEFORE and knock on their door. Ugh.

Finally, about 10 sales in, we found a young man with a “ton” of games. These are what he was willing to part with:



Paid $10 and valued at $75.

These were the only video games we saw this week, though we did find some more Plug ‘N Play devices:


Paid $9 and valued at $60.

The guy with the GameCube games did end up texting me later with a Nintendo DS. Forgot to get a picture of it, but paid $16 and valued at $35.

Also not pictured, but we found a PS3 Guitar Hero controller. No game, no shoulder strap, but they only wanted $1 so we picked it up. Did not realize the PS3 version needs a dongle, but it still looks like they’re valued at around $20.

Small week, but did well.

Total expenses for 6/13: $36

Total value if we sold everything individually: $195

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Tag Sale Finds 5/20/15 – N64 Madness!

Had a pretty lackluster week as far as seeing any games again, but we did find a couple of good things.  Games even!

After going to around 8 sales and finding NOTHING, we go to one of the last sales on our list.  As I’m walking up the driveway, the lady there asks how we’re doing and we tell her we’ve skunked out so far.  She asks what we’re looking for and we mention video games.  She says, “Oh, I’ve got a box of Nintendo and Playstation stuff I didn’t bring out.”  Yes please!

One box was a Playstation 2 that I offered $10 for but she didn’t accept.  The second box was a Nintendo 64 that I offered $20 for that she did accept.  Wish there were more games though as clearly there used to be!


The very next sale we’re about to ask for video games when we notice a N64 sticking out of a box.  We dig through and see some good stuff and ask how much.  $8!  Sold!  Didn’t even try for a better deal.  There was also a Genesis system in the box!



Total spent for the week:  $28

Value if we sold everything individually:  $165

So again, not much found, but what we did find was good.

So here’s what’s really strange, we found probably 5 N64 systems over the last 2 years.  They’ve been scarce!  This year, in the first month we’ve found 5 systems.  How odd right!?


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Tag Sales 5/23/15

Patrick and I went out to a scheduled 18 (!) sales last Saturday.  We decided to go to West Hartford again even though we’ve had terrible luck there in the past.  It wasn’t much better this time.

After going to 6 or 7 sales we finally found SOMETHING!

DSC_0838Paid $2 and we think it’s valued at $20.

The very next sale had some stuff we wanted too!  They’d advertised that they had Wii games but I think someone had beat us there as there wasn’t much good left.  We took a chance on New Super Mario Bros. Wii even though it was pretty beat up.

DSC_0840Paid $10 and valued at $95 if Mario worked (It didn’t) or at $80 if it didn’t.

By now it was getting pretty late in the morning but we decided to just keep going to sales.

Found these at a sale we should have stopped at earlier:

DSC_0841Paid $1.50 and valued at $35.  This is something new we’re looking for this year.

At the next sale we watched a guy walk out with a box FULL of Super Nintendo games.  The sale people were happy to tell us he paid $5 for the box.  🙁

At the very last sale we went to we’d though we struck gold.  Everything out indicated that they had video games but the folks running the sale didn’t know anything about most of the stuff their son had put out and he was still asleep.  🙁

We did get these though:

DSC_0844Paid $10 and they’re probably worth about $20.  However, they all would have cost MUCH more new.

So, total for the day:  Spent $23.50 and value if we sold everything individually:  $155

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Tag Sales 5/9

We only went to a few sales last weekend, but found a few good things.  We actually got more than this, but sold them at cost to some guys who were looking for them for their collection.

DSC_0801Originally there were 2 PSP’s, the GameCube had it’s box and there were 6 more games.  We’d originally paid $76 for everything, but we got $36 for what we sold to the guys, so the total spent on what’s still here was $40.  Our estimated value if we sold everything individually is $104.


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